Uruguayan Trains, Tramways and Trolleybuses in the net

ALCo-GE-IR Boxcabs Page 2
Uruguayan shovelnose locomotives photos.
ALCO World
Uruguayan ALCO´s.
Asociación Uruguaya Amigos del Riel
Uruguayan Railfan Association site.
Cooperativa TDU
Private project to restore several passenger train services in Uruguay.
Roter Brummer
German railbuses of different types, with rolling stock lists. In them, there are those that arrived in Uruguay in the 80`s (in German, with photograps).
Ferrocarriles del Uruguay
A resumed history of Uruguayan railways (in Spanish).
GE export page
General Electric locomotives all around the world.
Grupo de Pasajeros en defensa de la Estación Central como Terminal de Trenes
Passenger Group defending Montevideo Central Station homepage (in Spanish).
Passenger Group defending Montevideo Central Station
Passenger group page, English version.
History of the ALCO-GE 127 ton DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES RSD-1
History of the RSD-1 locomotives of the US Army. Two of these locos arrived in Uruguay.
International Working Steam Locomotives
Uruguayan Steam Locomotives.
JR Models Trains
Uruguayan models for the world.
La página de los trolebuses de Montevideo
Montevideo trolleybus history (in Spanish).
Montevideo Tramways
History of Montevideo tramways (in English).
Numbers and facts about the railway advantages (in Spanish).
South America 1984
Nick travel in Uruguay, 1984. Great pictures.
South American Page
Philip Wormald trip photos.
The ALCO MRS-1's
History of ALCO MRS-1 locomotives of US Army. Two of them ran in Uruguay as AFE 1611 and 1612.
Ultimo día de los trolebuses en Montevideo
Last day of Montevideo Trolleybuses (in Spanish).
Uruguay & Paraguay
Great picture of GE 1533 leaving Montevideo Central Station in 1987.
Uruguay Railway 1984
Great pictures of Uruguay railways, taken by Colin Churcher en 1984.

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Electric Transport in Latin America
Links to pages of trains, tramways and trolleybuses of Latin America.


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